London proof | DvF x MBMJ

Always check the weather report before you go on vacation! It saves you a lot of agony and needless shopping (okay, for a fashion blogger shopping is never needless but you get my point). 24 hours before I left my home country to cross the pond I realized that London was going to be freezing. And then the deliberation begins. My outfits have to be stylish (again, fashion blogger here), warm, not too warm aka sweaty and comfortable at the same time. I don't like too many layers because my layers never seem to stay in place. And the biggest dilemma of all, my shoes. Way harder then it looks to pick a pair of shoes 'for every occasion on this vacation'. Zanottis to the rescue. 

But the big secret that led to the success of this outfit is invisible. I am talking about shape wear. My absolute favorites are the Hema shape wear tops. Their length is divine and they keep your lower back warm (and they save you from awkward moments when you bend over). The shape is so comfortable and it gives you an amazing silhouette. And above all, forget the strait-jacket sensation, these babies are all about comfort. In other words: what women want and need.

PS Whoever said that a peacock outfit makes you want to stand out is a liar. See, I became one with the London city scene aka background. Chameleon effect for sure.

jacket and bag Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ scarf MBMJ nyc/ jeans Marc By Marc Jacobs Brussels/ sweater Acne Icon/ shoes Zanotti Hatshoe/ sunnies Chanel/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti 

london calling

As we speak we are spending our last hours in London! Was it as fabulous as last time? Stay tuned and find out. More to come after the break...

east side | london

We are going back to London in one, two, three nights! Sunday we will be back at this vibrant metropolis. I have to admit that I am an east-side lady. It are always the outer parts of a city that have a lethal attraction on me. Probably because of the reigning underground/eclectic vibe that pushes the quartier to the next level. So many things to see, so many oohs and aahs. Not everything is perfect in this kind of neighborhood and that is what makes it unique and interesting. Oh and you always find the best hipster coffees at the east-side! Yes, peeps this is the habitat of hipsters, where they breed and live. And thank god for them because they make the world a whole lot more attractive and beautiful.

So what to do in the east-side of London? Well, you must pay a visit to Brick Lane, that street is bursting with activity on a sunday. Street vendors are trying to sell the craziest things. Everything you need as a hipster, you will find at Brick Lane. Unfortunately I could not visit the amazing vintage stores because they were still closed, so don't go too early.

PS if you are looking for me this given sunday, you'll know where to find me: the east-side! 

mother russia

Okay, so I said that Miroslava Duma and I were in the exact same state of fashion mind (see post below). Or there is an other explanation for this outfit: my subconsciousness is trying to tell me that I'm related to a russian socialite. Let me explain myself. Frequently, especially in cold winter months, I am inspired by Mother Russia: bold and thick fabrics, rich textures, the worlds most luxurious logos and head pieces. Yes the babushka inside of me desperately wants to come out and tell me: Lady, you are intrigued by the eastern parts of Europe. 

Maybe my childhood is an explanation for all of this (yes, there is also a little Freud hiding inside of me). I was born decades ago, so I grew up with a certain perception of Eastern Europe before 1989. Traveling through Europe in the 80's with my parents opened my eyes and taught me a lesson about history. I remember that my dad said: "Look Kim, we are crossing the iron curtain that divides Europe in two parts (I was actually looking for an iron curtain). People here have no freedom of speech and they have to wait in line for hours for bread and gasoline". This all led to a certain interest in the way people lived in communist times. As I said before, it is just a perception based on nostalgic memories. Okay, since when did my fashion blog become a political platform? Anyway, there is a little Eastern European lady living inside of me that wants to come out every now and then. Now I only need some vodka and sweetened condensed milk.

collar gigue/ scarf Louis Vuitton Brussels/ shirt Vans Giraffe Leuven/ pants Marc By Marc Jacobs nyc/ shoes Prada Coccodrillo 

miroslava duma | chanel

This is what I call street style, this is what I call fashion. When I first saw this photo I had a 'my jaw is dropping straight at my feet' moment. Picture perfect, cannot describe it in any other way. The look is winter proof, the short-ini-mini-tiny dress is in absolute balance with the massive over the knee boots and the green emerald color matches her skin incredibly. And of course, the hat, the enormous insane perfect hat. 

But there is something else going on with this photo. This photo proves that I was a russian socialite in a former life. The day this street style photo was published, was the day that I was wearing a similar hat. Oh well, maybe this is a weird message from the universe or maybe Ms. Duma and I were just in the exact same state of mind. Anyway, more 'mrs. k as a russian socialite' after the break... .
PS this is a so called 'do not try this at home look'. Many of us will try, but just a few of us will succeed in pulling off this kind of outfit. Yes, fashion plays a few tricks on us.


glamour toujours | konjac sponge

Can you smell spring in the air? Outside it is still way too winter-ish, but inside my home I am already in a spring-modus. A new season equals a new face. Okay, again a little exaggerated. Let's say that a spring clean is not the only thing happening at the Mrs. K residence. My body and especially my skin can use a little spring update too. 

I don't know a lot about beauty, but there is one rule I follow unconditionally: start with a clean and fresh face. So my morning routine will not be complete without using one of my konjac sponges. I hate washing my face with my hands and I always need a tool. The konjac sponge is an answer to my prayers. I apply a little facial cleanser on the sponge and I start rubbing (you can use the sponge without any product too). Afterwards my skin feels very clean and soft, but it screams for hydration. It doesn't feel dry at all, but my moisturizer is being sucked in right away. Isn't it fabulous that you can start your day with a smile on your face. And it is even better when it is a clean face. 

How to use, click here
More info at Bacio di Fiori

lanvin x alexander wang | london

Dear people of the world, I have an announcement to make: In exactly two weeks we will be going back to the city of London. Why? Because I forgot some valuable stuff at the South Place Hotel. But my mother always told me, there is a solution for everything. Maybe it is a good one or a bad one, but there is a solution. So forgetting my stuff is like a blessing in disguise. I have no other option than going back to my favorite hotel in the city to collect my jewelry.  

Normally my heart would bleed if I would be looking at photos of our past London trip. But now it excites me. It remembers me of fabulous strolls in the East village (more about that later). And it remembers me of the fact that dressing both casual, practical and stylish is not my strongest asset. Anyway, can you go wrong when you combine Lanvin and Alexander Wang? Probably, but it looks pretty eclectic to me. Holler for eclecticism. Oh and I have to tell you something about the Isabel Marant howdy boots: the most practical boots ever. Your feet freeze to death when you are wearing them, but at least they wont hurt at all after a long day in the city.

PS thank you South Place for taking good care of my stuff! we will be back soon. 

scarf Delvaux/ jacket Lanvin Selfridges/ pants T by Alexander Wang nyc/ boots Isabel Marant Icon/ bag Theyskens' Theory Icon/ beanie Esprit/ sunnies Theo Occhi 

& at Bubbledogs | london

Let's talk about food, something that I absolutely know nothing about! Very convenient when you are involved in a foodies conversation. There I am, a complete novice that is smiling and nodding at appropriate times hoping that my fellow partners in dialogue have no idea that I am clueless! Yes that is what wannabe hipsters do: they claim they know everything about a hipster lifestyle. 

And then you go to London, a city that you do not know at all! I have to survive too so I need to eat once in a while. To kill two birds with one stone I put my faith in some experts. Thank god that the world wide web is full of experts. Elise Porter, a lady with a deep love for tasty food and co-creator of the Spanish Hipster came to the rescue. Her advice: Bubbledogs, well actually & Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs! Okay I didn't get it right away. So the venue is build around a very simple concept, champagne and hot dogs? And can somebody please explain what "&" is?  Anyway in miss Porter I trust so we made a reservation at &! And on one of the last days of 2012 we entered the small venue of Bubbledogs. Tucked away behind a heavy curtain at the back of Bubbledogs you access the world of chef James Knappett and his lovely wife Sandia Chang our host (both worked at Per Se in nyc). Mr. and Mrs. Knappett-Chang were supported by an extreme professional team of young cooks and a sommelier.

I am not going to give you an elaborate review about the food because frankly, I do not know enough about hip food! But I can tell you about the overall experience: It was the most unique and fabulous food experience I had in my life. Okay, it was show cooking, but it was all about the food. Chef Knappett and Mrs. Chang do understand the essence of food. Do you know the expression 'like an angel peeing on your tongue'? Well there was not one angel, there were hundreds of angels peeing on my tongue. Like an explosion of flavors bursting in my mouth, fireworks, over and over again. Let me put it this way: the man who can make me eat brussel sprouts deserves a statue. I think this is what they call a food orgasm. The experience at Bubbledogs was a sneak peek into the world of foodies and boy did I like it. Will we go back? Off course because I didn't have the chance to try their famous hotdogs. And unlike London fashion week models, I do eat the sandwich too. Nope, I am not afraid of carbs. 

PS if you want one of their famous hotdogs, get there early! Once the clock strikes 6PM, the place is packed. 

bubbledogs | london

Tease me, tease me! Tomorrow I will tell you all about this extraordinary venue! I am going to tell you about dogs and bubbles. Stay tuned, more to come after the break. 

snow white

February is here, so how about a chat about the weather! Officially we are torn between winter and spring! You never know what King Winter has up his sleeve. Or as a wise band sang before 'four seasons in one day' may happen to you before you know it. And yes, fashion weeks are just around the corner. So pretty soon the uber socialites of this planet will dictate us what to wear in the upcoming seasons. 

Anyway, I live far far away from those major fashion Walhalla's. Although I am convinced that I was a russian socialista in a former life (will talk to you about that pretty soon), there is nothing better than the peace and quite of my countryside. Especially when a snow white blanket is reigning over the hills.