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welcome to the funhouse

And the story continues. Today we will talk about fun! A three letter word that indicates a certain source of enjoyment. In other words 'fun' is always associated with a feeling, a happy sentiment to be more specific. When was the last time you had fun in your life? And what kind of ingredients do you need to have fun? A long long time ago, yes before the digital era, people weren't allowed to have a lot of fun. Their moments of amusement were dictated by weird troupes who travelled from village to village. These dark ensembles had a slightly macabre appearance and dodgy intentions. Welcome to the funhouse.  

Okay back to reality. My current moments of fun have a lot to do with fashion, a piñata and a pop-up store. Okay I know, this will probably be a big shock to you and you were waiting for something way more profound than that. Let's start with the boutade: fashion can be fun, literally. Take my magical Jeremy Scott flying sneakers shoes for instance. They make me utterly ecstatic because of the constant changing colors. In other words, I am not flying high on LSD but on shoes. On top of that, the sneakers have a strange effect on passers-by! Bedazzled and confused peeps keep on staring at my feet. Et voila, I am like the bearded lady of the curiosity circus. Don't worry, my intentions are not dodgy and I don't ask any money to stare at me.

But every now and then we need a circus in our town! How about Baroness O.'s newest pop-up baby? From July 4th until July 7th they will be camping in Gent together with Bureau Jacky. Expect the unexpected, come and see The Imaginarium of Docter Baroness O. Behold their spatial and graphical experience.

shoes jeremy scott selfridges/ rings wouters and hendrix antwerp/ ring forget me knot baroness o./ heart ring diamanti per tutti/ baroness o. 

Baroness O.

Let's play a word game! I give you certain terms and you give me the association. Some kind of charade, without the charade. Here we go in alphabetical order: Antwerp, blog, brunch, coffee, design, duo, objects, pop-up, royalty, shop, unique, victor, webstore. Okay, I will give you 5 minutes.. they're up... are you ready? Drum rolls please, the correct answer is: BARONESS O. Damn, I want to be named after crazy royalty too. 

Anyway, Baroness O. is the offspring of two talented sisters Anne & Line. They live in a virtual castle where they share their love for beautiful, pure and ecological design objects. When you visit their online spot you can get lost. So many chambers to discover, so many oohs and ahs. But it is so much more than that. Once every now and then they leave their online sanctuary to show themselves to the real world. Popping-up is the correct term I believe. Unfortunately they pop-up way too short. But you know me, Mrs. K is always a good news show. I'll tell you what, just stop reading this post, take a look at the pictures above and start clicking this link. This is the way to the Baroness O. threshold. Click and be amazed.

all items are available on Baroness O. 

spring and holy coffee

It is official peeps, a new season is among us! Can you smell spring in the air? Do you feel an uncontrollable urge to jump up and down? Do you go ooh and aah when you see those fresh adorable loving pastel colors? And can't you wait to lay in wild grass (in a very fashionable way) and to search for those cute little ladybugs and daisies? Then you are affected by the spring bug. 

A new season equals fresh and vivid shades. Yes, they are reigning over my dining table. My old vintage vases are awakening with great prudence from their hibernation. I expand my collection with new finds from our local flea market and I provide them with fake (lots of fake) and real flora. Now this is what I call instant happiness. Especially with a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning, nothing can beat that moment.

PS Our national radio station Studio Brussels understands the importance of coffee. If you are living in Belgium you can instagram or tweet your holy coffee moment (include #holycoffee).  And maybe you will be the proud owner of a new Nespresso machine, the best home made coffee in the world.

snow white

February is here, so how about a chat about the weather! Officially we are torn between winter and spring! You never know what King Winter has up his sleeve. Or as a wise band sang before 'four seasons in one day' may happen to you before you know it. And yes, fashion weeks are just around the corner. So pretty soon the uber socialites of this planet will dictate us what to wear in the upcoming seasons. 

Anyway, I live far far away from those major fashion Walhalla's. Although I am convinced that I was a russian socialista in a former life (will talk to you about that pretty soon), there is nothing better than the peace and quite of my countryside. Especially when a snow white blanket is reigning over the hills. 

winter wonderland

Belgium and its first snow always lead to a love and hate affair. Apparently we have no idea how to cope with this natural phenomenon. All I know is that our country is in a chaotic state of mind. Maybe it is because we don't see those snow flakes very often, if we are lucky (or unlucky) about two times a year. Nevertheless mother nature turned my backyard into a winter wonderland, come on, who can resist this chemical natural reaction. 

tiger woods

I am wearing a tiger and I am standing in the woods, get it? Well actually I am standing in my own backyard in front of our neighbor's chestnut tree. Sorry but this pun was way too obvious and I couldn't resist (please do not shoot me for my lame sense of humor). Anyway, my gnomes are another part of my garden. It started with one and I ended up with an uncontrollable collecting mania. But I love my little friends and at night they are my gardeners. (If you think I am crazy by now, I don't blame you). 

But let's talk about the tiger! When I first saw it a year ago the tiger and I had an immediate connection. I mean, how insane can a sweater be: right color, whimsical print and ideal shape. So the possibilities are endless. But the best was yet to come, little did I know that the quality and the softness of the sweater are even more perfect. Wait there is more: this baby, made by one of my favorite (belgian) designers T+TGK, only costs €45! Talking about good value.

sweater Titi+the german kid/ skirt DvF Brussels/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ boots Marc Jacobs netaporter/ sunnies Theo Occhi/ beanie Dagmar Stage by Sil 

hunting season

Besides the phenomenal colors that are conquering the northern hemisphere, there is another specific part about fall season: hunting! Dandy distinguished gentlemen come out of their mansions to blow their horns and to aim their guns. I am not going to write an elaborate discourse about the pros and cons of hunting. Hello, this is a fashion blog and I am obligated to stay superficial. But the only rifles I own are the ones with water. 

Now if I would go hunting, my outfit would be a combination of Heidi von den bergen x Sisi. Perfect to scare all the wild foxes and sweet deer. To be honest, I love the thick velvet fabrics and the oversized silhouettes. A hunting outfit can never be boring because there is too much going on. So the only thing I brought home from my wild adventure is a head of a deer (yes it is faux, don't worry I do have a heart). 

cheers to hunting season! 

winter diy

No idea what to do this weekend? Here is some inspiration. My interior bug is biting me every time the seasons are changing. All of a sudden I feel an uncontrollable urge to change the colors inside my house. I am not talking about major changes, just some changement de décor. God gave me a pretty lazy personality and the ability to let things die. Relax people, every living creature is still alive and kicking at the Mrs. K residence. But flowers and plants do not survive. So I take the easy road: plastic fantastic flora. 

All you need for this little diy are some old pots, acrylic paint or any kind of paint residue you are hiding in your garden shed, plastic fantastic flowers and cheap brushes. Let your inner decorator go wild and voila: your interior looks brand new. 

Now here comes the warning! This diy costed me €100! In other words high quality fabulous fake flowers are not that cheap.

flowers and paint Intratuin 

lean into the fall

I stole this title completely, if you want to know who the rightful owner is, click here. But you get my point don't you! Days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder. So it's time to bring out those cozy blankets again, to cuddle up next to each other and to light some amazing scented candles.

But above all, don't forget to play a little Dora the explorer. Have you seen what Mother Nature is doing lately? She is transforming the Northern hemisphere into a magical fall landscape. Those exuberant warm autumn colors are filling my heart with joy. If you have a minute, take a look at the trees and their extraordinary pallet of shades. Watch them glister in the morning sun and listen to the sound of the wind. Phenomenal isn't it? Okay I am going to stop now before I get too emotional.

retro | spect

Have you ever wondered where Marc Jacobs got his inspiration from to design the infamous Mouse Flats? Well, look above and follow the yellow arrow: tada! This photo proves that I was an absolute trend prophet. I am some kind of fashion prophet who could predict trends 20 years in advance (read this with a lot of irony please). See I even predicted the oversized boyfriend trend. 

Since then I didn't grow more than a few inches, but apparently my fashion style did not evolve much either. In other words: I stayed true to my fashion identity. No no let's be honest, the world of fashion operates via some kind of "come-back" system. One day you have a trend, the next day it is out and BAM: 20 years later it is a trend again.  So let me prophesy something else, in 20 years I will take the exact same photo wearing the exact same outfit. And that is a promise

shirt Forever 21 Antwerp/ jeans River Island Antwerp/ belt Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ pearl flats Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony NYC 

my inner Woodstock girl

Let me get one thing straight: this is not my comfort zone! Sitting in a wild meadow (read: my back yard) and embracing the wild life is simply not one of my habits. I am more of a concrete girl, no peace and quiet for me. But now and then I want to let my inner Woodstock girl out. It reminds me of my teenage years. Back then music was a big part of my personality, it defined me. 

Oh i still remember those days when I was laying in a field, sealed of from the outside world by my walkman (read: I am talking about cassettes people) and singing as loud as I could. Besides that I was cracking my brain of how I could create world peace. So 20 years later a small hippie is still hiding inside me and the music is still a big part of my life. The flora crown is like a modern translation of the girl I was.

flora crown diy/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti, Dior & MBMJ/ watch vintage/ tees River Island Antwerp/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ sandals Diane von Furstenberg Brussels 

diy | flora crown

You see them everywhere and thank god for that: flora crowns. They have the magical ability to brighten your day, your outfit and your mood. Instant happy face and happy thoughts. Now I am a hat person, so no way I was going to let this trend pass me by. And I wonder: why didn't somebody think of this before?

Before you start making your own, do some research. Find out what kind of flowers you want to put in your hair. Choose your color palette and choose wisely (read: yes a flora crown is a big eye catcher). You don't need much, you don't need to be a handyman. All you need is a little bit of imagination. Or some smashing inspiration, like Lady T Kirilove

tools: fake flowers, diadem, copper wire. 
cost-price €30-50